• The "Business Maker"

    (Technology Review)

  • "From Chile to South Africa via Dubai is Kohnes locking system in hotels ... in action.“

    (from the book: "Kreative Zerstörer")

  • "innovative with each fiber“

    (Innovation Initiative of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research)

  • „Michael Kohne, passionate employer...“

    ("Markt & Wettbewerb")

  • "We have the stock market firmly in mind.“



Michael Kohne is a passionate employer. To be in the office is not his cup of tea. He needs no head office, no desk and no secretary. An entrepreneur needs to be active - that is his motto. Therefore, he is always on the move – to customers, to business partners, for product testings or fairs. He maintains a well-functioning network of investors, entrepreneurs, prospects, multipliers and communicators. What he needs for it, is he packing always around with him - his car, his satellite phone, his product samples and his creativity. It is important to him to be able to determine the pace of his business transactions actively. For him, it is no option to wait until somebody comes up to him. A good product is the foundation of success. But without the direct contact with decision-makers, it will not sell. Once he has decided on a product, Michael Kohne does not only believes in it, he lives it. He wears trousers with SeaCell™ fibers, his house is secured with a Dialock system and his mobile devices are loading with the loadingbar™. So he builds his business, like others build their houses - with a lot of enthusiasm and great perseverance until the objectives are achieved.


The beginning

Michael Kohne starts his way as a selfmade man without any studies or diploma. He grews up in a difficult social environment, he does some early work experiences as an employee. He quickly realizes: Even in a position as head of department, he acquired fast, he can’t self-actualize.

since 1975

The first self employment

He starts his self employment in the retail sale. He makes the next important experience there. He does not fit with standing in a store and waiting for customers. He can really show his strengths only if he is active by himself.

since 1980

Experiences as an employer

Based on this knowledge, he begins to implement his own ideas and put them on the market. He founded successful companies in frequent intervals- in leasing, publishing and communication sector. He makes them cost-effective and sold them profitably. He reinvests the earned capital for the next start-up.

since 1980

Sphinx electronics

Since 1989 Michael Kohne hit the jackpot with the Sphinx Electronics GmbH 's. The company develops, manufactures and sells memory modules for the computer industry in the beginning of the PC boom.

up to 1989


In 1994 follows the development of the success-brand Dialock - a transponder-based, battery powered access control system for hotels, hospitals, banks and industrial enterprises. In 1998, Michael Kohne sold Sphinx Electronics GmbH to the Häfele group - with a handsome profit.

up to 1994

smartfiber AG

In 2005 Michael Kohne founded smartfiber AG as CEO. The fiber manufacturer develops and distributes natural power fibers for the international textile market - with increasing success and more and more customers in all application areas. The company has discovered a possibility to integrate the natural additives algae and zinc with a positive effect on the skin function permanently into a cellulose fiber. This method has been awarded with several technology prizes, so in 2010 with the German Innovation Prize.

up to 2005

Endcustomers products with fibers

To clarify the benefits of his fibers for the textile market, Michael Kohne develops own retail-products since 2007. The Products BlueMagicBall® and BlueWish® - originally designed as a pure product sample – enjoy also popularity in trade. Incidentally, Michael Kohne sold several hundred thousand of this antibacterial cleaning products until the fibers came into the market.

up to 2007

smartcel™ and SeaCell™

Michael Kohne established the fiber brand smartcel™ in the market for innovative, high-quality and sustainable textile products. Furthermore he recognizes the potential of the SeaCell™ fiber with algae additives. In 2007 smartfiber AG has taken the SeaCell™ brand, patents and production over. With SeaCell™ and the zinc fiber smartcel™ sensitive, the company sells two very strong brands that have great potential in the global textile market and also in other segments.

up to 2007

idesign AG

The idesign AG developed by Michael Kohne in 2015. The innovation Company develops, manufactures and distributes high-quality lifestyle products under the motto: BETTER STYLE FOR BETTER LIFE! The philosophy of the company is to detect trends in consumer behavior and to create modern high-tech products with quality and style, to close the existing gaps in the market. The products of idesignAG combine innovation with technology, design and benefit.

up to 2015

projects and innovations

Michael Kohnes always looks ahead. His next projects are already in planning stage. Nothing unusual for the man who has successfully built up businesses in various industries. It’s in his nature to take the risk of establishing

  • „Der Gründaholic“

    Technology Review

  • „Michael Kohne has hoisted operations like a master mason homes and sold them with a profit . A unique Career in Germany.“

    Technology Review

  • " An employer have to do something, Michael Kohne likes to say.“

    Technology Review

  • "news in a six-monthly interval“


  • „It would be crazy if I'm doing great products and do not use them.“

    Technology Review

  • "Hardly crackable“


  • "Michael Kohne get a grip on both two problems with hotel keys through his invention of digital radio locks . His keys get not lost so easily as traditional and they still theft-proof."


  • "Meanwhile smartfiber succeeded, whose CEO Michael Kohne a true sales expert is, to land on the shelves of drugstores.“

    "Ostthüringische Zeitung"

  • "A real power product , so judged Michael Kohne his natural fibers.“

    Innovation initiative new Countries of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research

  • "That innovative fibers will be find, already in a short time, in many interesting products from renowned manufacturers - that already makes Michael Kohne.“

    Innovation initiative new Countries of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research

  • "The raw material of our products you could even eat, says Kohne.“


  • "Founded in 2005 the smartfiber AG combines the scientific know-how, of more than ten years research and development activities, of the Thuringian Institute of Textile and Plastics Research (TITK ) in Rudolstadt with the employer background of marketing and sales expert Michael Kohne.“

    Textile Network

  • „Never give up!“

    "Unternehmen Region", Federal Ministry of Education and Research

  • "You need great power of endurance, if you want to succeed.“

    "Unternehmen Region", Federal Ministry of Education and Research

  • "Michael Kohne is an experienced employer who has 13 companies founded, built and successfully sold to other companies over the intervening 30 years .“


  • "At that time the director of the Institute Ralf Bauer become clear: He needs a partner who has flair for the market. Through an friend he met Michael Kohne a whole blood employer who had already founded a chipmaker and placed them successfully in a niche market. With him he founded the smartfiber AG in 2005. “


  • "In the past Kohne has already received offers from the industry and he will check them as soon as his objectives have been reached.“




Strong demand

Strong demand

-article „Starke Nachfrage“ from textile network july/august 2011- The innovative fibers , smartcel™ sensitive and SeaCell™ with their different unusual additives are now included in products of bedding and...

The „Gründaholic“

The „Gründaholic“

-article „Der Gründaholic“ from technology review 12/22/2010- The article shows the way of Michael Kohne, founder of the smartfiber AG.   Here you can read the German text:


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